Hello, my name is Ana (banana).

I am Ana (also called Ana Banana). I come from Spain but I have been living in London for almost 7 years now. I am a Materials Engineer working designing prosthetic components for amputees. In my spare time, I make sure I spend most of it in schools, being a STEM ambassador or baking a strange recipe I have found online.

I tend to take on weird hobbies every few months: neon sign making, polymeric clay modelling, baking, cooking (all the different cuisines) and in general, I really enjoy making things from scratch. #lifeskills

This whole thing started as a result of winning I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here. I was awarded with a small price to use in Outreach activities. From the beginning, I realised that I should make the best out of the prize and therefore, by just organising a Workshop, I would not be able to each as many students as possible. This is  the reason why I decided to start this: to be a permanent resource available worldwide for everyone  to enjoy.